VWG – Melanie Macek

Melanie has been writing in some form or another as long as she can remember. From songs to plays (a bad one) to poetry (not her forte) to romance, the urge to write has always been there. She read her first romance book at the age of 13 and hasn’t looked back. A voracious reader, Melanie has been making an effort to expand her reading horizons, thanks to forced college papers. Other genres have captured her imagination, but Romance will always hold her heart.

A native Californian desert rat, Melanie has lived over half of her life in Texas. Braving mosquitoes, humidity, and the occasional voluntary hurricane evacuation, she and her husband and their two 4-legged children – who have their own page on the blog – spend time with family, friends, and planning their next travel adventure. She writes in most of her spare time and always makes sure to take a pen and paper with her just about everywhere she goes.

Want to contact Melanie? She’s on the web at these various locations and coming to an e-reader near you!

Email – mel_macek@yahoo.com

Blog – Feather Pens, Tartan Dreams

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/MelMacekauthor

Twitter – https://twitter.com/MelDFMac

Pinterest – http://pinterest.com/melaniemacek/

Books for sale by this author:

When Love WaitsWhen Love Waits

Available at Amazon on Kindle and Paperback and also at Barnes and Noble on the Nook.

When Love Lingers

When Love Lingers

Available now at Amazon for Kindle and in Paperback. Also at Barnes and Noble for Nook.

When Love Propers
When Love Prospers
Available now at Amazon for Kindle and in Paperback. Also at Barnes and Noble for Nook.

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