Very productive meeting! I feel we’re on the right track with the suggestions and changes made. In order to get more people invested in the group, we’ve divided up the responsibilities. Newcomers and existing members are encouraged to participate and take a month.

What does take a month mean? Each month, a member will have the responsibility of presenting at the meeting which will also cover promoting the meeting the month before, posting to the Facebook page and the VWG blog. If you don’t have access to these pages currently, please contact either Kate or Melanie so one of us can add you on as a contributor.

Here’s the schedule so far. Please feel free to take a month and run with it.

January – Melanie

February –Kate

March – Jami

April –Ashley

May – 

June –

July – Sonny

August –

September –

October –

November –

December –

Presentations are up to the person responsible for the month. Writing tips, how to keep your creativity flowing, critique guidelines, interviewing your characters – the possibilities are endless! If there’s something specific attendees need to bring to the meeting, make sure to post that also. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Also, we’re going to put the meeting dates and times in the Victoria Advocate online calendar. We’re also trying to set meetings at the Public Library. Will get a call in to them next week to see if we can get the Bronte Room for meetings.

Another topic discussed was the possibility of doing a forum at the library with authors and writers from the group for the community. Once every two or three months depending on interest from the writers and the general public.

Sonny went over the introduction for his new true crime book and went over a few talking points when journalists interview for their stories. These can easily translate into other areas of fiction and non-fiction. 1-Ask questions, including rhetorical ones. 2-Establish relationships with your sources. 3-Notice your surroundings. Make them a part of the story. 4-Save everything. It may come in handy when writing subsequent articles or for later in your book.

For those members who have published books, there was a mention of doing a table together on the same day at the mall to not only promote our work but also the Guild. I think Kate was going to take are of checking on that possibility.

We’re striving for a bit more structure while fostering more involvement. The typical office structure (president, vp, treasurer) has been done away with in order to let more people take on responsibilities. I think this might be the better way to do things.

Here’s to a productive 2014!

Attendees: Melanie M., Kate G., Ashley D., Sonny L., September L., Jami M.